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    Automatic design synchronisation is activated. Customisation is available only on the right-hand component.

    MINI Cockpit Facia Customised.

    Incl. shipping. Production and delivery time is 3-5 weeks*
    Product details.


    • For the left-hand drive models of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible from 07/2018 with the PIANO BLACK (4BD) special equipment.
    • Moreover, for left-hand drive models of the MINI 3-door from 11/2013, MINI 5-door from 07/2014 and MINI Convertible from 11/2015 that come with upgraded mounting fixture. Contact your MINI partner for this purpose (Order Number 51 45 7 944 784). The mounting fixture is not included in the scope of delivery.

      Loads of space for your imagination. Your MINI Cockpit Facia Customised can be produced as an individual piece: The futuristic 3D printing process enables your order to be produced exactly how you want.


    • The high quality of the material used has been thoroughly tested. The material is resistant to UV rays, temperature and abrasion.
    • Installation: you can easily install it by yourself using the tools provided. Alternatively, you can have one of our participating MINI partners change the cockpit facia.
    • Package includes: MINI Cockpit Facia Customised for left-hand drive models, tools to change the cockpit facia, installation instructions.
    • Dismantling: The MINI Cockpit Facia Customised can be removed in simple steps and without damage.
    • Installation time: approx. 10 minutes.
    • Article number: 2455201

    *This delivery time is due to the rigorous production process of MINI Yours Customised used to ensure top craftsmanship. It includes the individual design and creation of custom parts, with a meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive quality checks implemented at several stages of production