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    Automatic design synchronisation is activated. Customisation is available only on the right-hand component.

    MINI LED Door Projector Customised

    Incl. shipping. Production and delivery time is 3-4 weeks*
    Product details.

    The door projectors are available for all MINI model lines built as of 2001 and which include the “Light Pack” (563) or “Excitement Pack” (4V9) special equipment.

    Please note that you have to first purchase a door projector set (Article Number: 2458063; 119 €), which includes slides and projectors, before purchasing additional slides (Article Number: 245523; 49 €)

    Use MINI Door Projectors Customised to project your favourite image onto the street as soon as you open the door. Let your creativity run wild and design different images for the driver and the passenger side. MINI Door Projector Customised lets you enhance your MINI with an individual highlight.

    • The door projectors are activated automatically when you open the door.
    • Your image is already clear to see at dusk.
    • You can install the door projectors quickly and easily by yourself. Alternatively, you can have one of our participating MINI partners install the products.
    • Scope of delivery Door Projector Set (Article Number: 2458063): 2 door projectors and 2 slides for driver and passenger side doors, installation manual
    • Scope of delivery Door Projector Slides (Article Number: 245523): 2 slides (appropriate only if you have already installed door projectors), installation manual
    • Installation time: approx. 15 minutes.

    *This delivery time is due to the rigorous production process of MINI Yours Customised used to ensure top craftsmanship. It includes the individual design and creation of custom parts, with a meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive quality checks implemented at several stages of production